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Judge postpones a 4th Ohio inmate’s execution

Associated Press

CINCINNATI — A fourth Ohio inmate has gotten a temporary stay of execution as state officials and defense lawyers continue to examine the state’s lethal injection method.

A federal judge on Monday indefinitely delayed the scheduled Dec. 8 execution of 51-year-old Kenneth Biros, who was convicted of a 1991 murder and attempted rape. The judge also indefinitely delayed the second effort to execute Romell Broom, whose botched execution attempt last month prompted the review.

Gov. Ted Strickland this month postponed the executions of two other men who were scheduled to die before Biros, Lawrence R. Reynolds Jr. and Darryl Durr, until the spring.

The state is considering ways to adjust its death chamber procedure after technicians couldn’t locate suitable veins on Broom through which to administer lethal drugs.


Information from: The New York Times

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