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Calling all Verbal Judo Instructors: Now is the time to recertify

Milwaukee, Wis. – Professionals certified to teach the crisis communication methodology known as Verbal Judo are invited to attend the First Annual Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Conference Nov. 11 – 13 in Milwaukee, Wis. The methodology, now known as Verbal Defense & Influence, is based upon the teachings of Dr. George Thompson, a pioneer in the tactical communications strategies that have been street-tested through the years, and are now the gold standard for law enforcement.

Police, sheriff and corrections instructors from around the country are invited to attend the intensive training weekend, which will focus on specialized applications and interactive teaching strategies.

Some of the sessions include:
• Utilizing the 5 universal truths of human interaction
• Making ethical interventions before bad things happen
• Managing verbal abuse with new word blocks
• Powerful persuasion tactics built on street-tested experience.

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The presentation will include a public tribute to Thompson, who passed away earlier this year. Before his death, Thompson granted the Vistelar Group exclusive training rights to his methodology, in hopes that they carry on his legacy of critical communications training.

The Verbal Defense & Influence group, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., trains corporations, government agencies and police forces in crisis communications and professional protocol. An estimated one million professionals have been trained to date in this methodology.