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Save Over $300 on a High Gear Package This Month Only

Attention DT & Combatives Trainers, Scenario-Based Force-On-Force Trainers

Save over $300 on a high gear package this month only!

*Limit 2 Suits per Customer

Purchase HIGH GEAR this month & we will discount your gear $150 & include $150 worth of training DVD’s! That’s $300! You’ll receive DVDs on:

  • The science of role-playing
  • Ballistc micro-fights
  • Advanced scenario drills and
  • The science & rationale of the spear system

What can you do in high gear?

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Watch our 1 minute high gear in action video:

If the versatility of high gear doesnt blow you away we’ll send you a $50 gift certificate.

All DT & combatives training should be designed to affect one goal: greater confidence during real-life confrontations. The only way to create that confidence is to replicate actual confrontations and ‘stress inoculate’ your students to ensure that they are emotionally, psychologically and physically prepared to make proactive decisions and respond effectively during violent confrontations.

The Science of Scenario Training
During our 20 years of research, testing and experimenting, we have created the world’s most dynamic force-on-force scenario-training suit. Our revolutionary ‘impact reduction’ design helps trainers integrate emotional, psychological and physical factors for the most complete stress inoculation experience possible.

*Ask about our marking cartridge version for fully integrated training.

Many of the world’s most progressive law enforcement & military trainers use HIGH GEAR…

And so do the world’s toughest professional fighters:

Randy Couture, Ken Shamrock, BJ Penn, Chuck Liddell, Diego Sanchez, George St. Pierre, Dave Loiseau, Mike McDonald, Cung Le, Carlos Newton, Pat Miletich, Dan Severn and many others use HIGH GEAR™.

Visit our website to learn more about High Gear applications for MMA training.

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