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No Lie Blades Proven Edge Weapons Defensive Tactics Course

When your officers absolutely, positively need to win on the street......

What this course will do for your men and women is provide them with true defensive tactical fighting skills to defend against a real committed knife attacker. This course is known world wide for accelerated learning which translates into: confidence, proficiency and combative results.

Here are what some are saying about No Lie Blades:

“There are few better trainers worldwide than Hank Hayes / No Lie Blades when it comes to getting results in hands on edged weapons / combat tactics”.
-Dave Smith “Buck Savage”

“NLB’s course is life changing, in my 23 years in L/E it’s some of the best training I’ve ever
had.” -Sheriff Rick Silver - Washington County Sheriff’s Dpt.

“The No Lie Blades system is quickly becoming the standard by which others are judged.”
-Sgt. Jeffery Hauck - Bethlehem Twp, PD

Below is a general outline of some of the topics we’ll cover:

• How to handle a committed predator possessing an edged weapon.
• Pre-incident indicator skills building (body language reading).
• Execution of compounded violent strikes.
• Multiple attacker neutralization techniques.
• Fighting on the ground against a knife attacker.

Day 1) Learn the proven edged weapons survival skills.
Day 2) Force on force scenario training against realistic/true bad guy pressure.

100% MONEY BACK performance guarantee– NQA

“You’re simple but brutal techniques have reportedly been effective in saving lives behind enemy lines during the conflict in Iraq. In fact I am personally aware of at least one recipient of your unparalleled instruction who is alive today because of it ".
-George Dutile - U.S. Dept. of Justice / ACD

Watch this short video of our training:

Please highly consider registering your team for this course. The No Lie Blades team of active L/E instructors will be traveling to location. No Lie Blades is world wide known for our “No BS” and highly effective training practices. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to have your men trained at this level of combative proficiency. Additionally, each student will receive a certified “certificate of completion” from this Indiana State accredited course.

The course date is Oct 24- 25, 2013 Must register before Oct 1, 2013.

Course cost is $350.00 and must be paid in advance (Register using (Buy from 2CO) below this paragraph or contact Hank Hayes at or 610.442.5539. Discounts available - buy 5 slots get one free.

Register using the below link:

Buy from 2CO Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by No Lie Blades.
Get familiar with No Lie Blades and visit our plus search for our videos on YouTube they will provide insight as to how effective our training can and will be for your men and women.

This course will sell out fast so act now and get your teams enrolled.

DO NOT MISS THIS COURSE, as it will significantly boost morale, lower training injuries, build officer defensive skills dramatically and lower or eliminate equipment cost as this course is fully turnkey, meaning we bring everything! Your officers just need to show up.