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5 new motorcycles hit the market

From electric to automobile hybrids, here are five new bikes unveiled this year

By C1 Staff

There’s nothing quite like getting around on a bike. In recent months, several companies have unveiled cutting edge motorcycles for motorcycle enthusiasts — from electric to automobile hybrids — and there’s a model and style for every preference.

Harley’s electric motorcycle
Harley-Davidson recently introduced their first-ever electric motorcycle, coupled with a customer led venture known as Project Livewire.

Harley-Davidson’s electric bike was designed to make a unique sound to separate it from other electric bikes on the market.

Design features include a rake angle, short tail section, and chassis design that allows the rider to hug the curves of the bike. Learn more.

Indian Motorcycle’s 2015 Roadmaster
Indian Motorcycle unveiled the newest edition to their line of luxury motorcycles — the 2015 Roadmaster — designed for comfortable, long rides.

Standard features include the Thunder Stroke 111 engine, which delivers 119 foot-pounds of torque, a keyless ignition, genuine leather seats, LED lights, and remote-locking storage.

Luxury features for the Roadmaster include an adjustable Horizon Power Windshield, which moves to improve airflow, provide weather protection, and reduce glare. Another available feature is 37 gallons of weatherproof storage in the front, truck, and saddlebags. Learn more.

Ariel Motor’s Ace
British sports car manufacturer Ariel is preparing for the 2015 release of their completely customizable Ace motorcycle.

The bike will feature Honda’s 173bhp 1237cc V4 engine and drive system. Customizable options include front and rear suspensions, handlebars, bodywork, size of fuel tank, size of exhaust, and lightweight carbon-fiber wheels or aluminum wheels.

Colors, materials and finishes on the bike will also be tailor made. Learn more.

Green Automotive’s Brammo Empulse R
The Brammo Empluse R is Green Automotive’s newest electric motorcycle – featuring a water cooled motor, six-speed gear box, and integrated J1772 for rapid charging.

The electric bikes have a top speed of 110 mph, getting an average of 128 miles to the gallon in the city and 58 on the highway. It features a 3kW integrated onboard charger, and is compatible with nearly 7,000 Level 2 public charging stations available in the U.S. Learn more.

Polaris’ Slingshot Hybrid
Not ready to make the transition from sedan to motorcycle? Polaris’ Slingshot is a three-wheeled hybrid designed after ATVs, motorcycles, and cars.

The Slingshot is a five-speed manual-shifting vehicle equipped with power-assisted steering, a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder DOHC Ecotec engine, a double-wishbone suspension with coil-over shocks in the front, and a sway bar.

The car-motorcycle hybrid features lateral seating, stability control, antilock brakes, and a glove box much like a car; however, it requires a helmet and motorcycle license to drive. Learn more.