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Staff Misconduct

This topic features news, training and information related to cases involving potential or perceived misconduct in corrections. This section serves the important function of pointing out, not pointing fingers, when a CO has gone outside the lines.

Michael Anderson pleaded guilty in July to one count of deprivation of civil rights
The indictments follow three separate investigations that are part of the ongoing fight against staff members who smuggle in contraband, especially cellphones
Andrew Jones, 36, pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual abuse of a ward involving three inmates and one count of making false statements
As they arrived for evening shift change, all employees at prisons across South Carolina were stopped and their cars were searched for contraband
The former jail deputy’s basic corrections officer certification was revoked by the agency for life because he lacks “moral fitness”
Among the items found during the search of the employee’s vehicle were nine cellphones, five packages of tobacco and two cellphone SIM cards
The DOC said staff will get training so “employees feel empowered to challenge and report any order that they feel is illegal, immoral, or unethical”
Tony Klein’s sentence also includes five years of supervised release after prison; he had faced a possible life sentence
The Broward County sheriff’s deputies will be fired as they face charges of alleged $500,000 fraud from federal aid programs meant to cushion COVID-19 impact
Insufficient state funding and a deteriorating 125-year-old facility compound safety challenges for both inmates and staff
Federal authorities seek witness, victim reports of physical assault and employee misconduct at West Virginia correctional complex
The most common investigation misstep is lack of timeliness, but in one case an officer accused of molesting a teen was paid for more than 2 years before termination
6 people, employed by the Sacramento County Jail’s healthcare contractor, have been arrested for smuggling drugs into the jail
There is bi-partisan agreement that the BoP “needs significantly more funding” for staffing and addressing a $2 billion maintenance backlog
These offenders not only tarnish the reputation of honest officers but also the agencies they represent