Fla. approves restoration of felon voting rights

More than one million felons, barring those convicted of murder or sex crimes, will be able to vote again

By Police1 Staff

MIAMI, Fla. — Florida voters approved an amendment yesterday to restore voting rights to felons. 

CNN reported over one million felons will now be able to vote again after 60 percent of voters approved the amendment. 

After completing their sentences and serving probation or parole, former convicts will be allowed to vote. Those convicted of murder or sex offenses will not have their right restored. 

Previously, felons in Florida faced a lifetime voting ban, or else had to make an appeal to the governor to get their right back. 

"For too long, Florida has been an extreme outlier,” ACLU Executive Director Howard Simon said in a statement. “Our state's lifetime voting ban was the single most powerful voter suppression tactic in the country, shutting more people out of the voting booth and out of our democracy than any other single law or policy in the country."

Before the vote, Florida was one of 13 states barring felons from voting, with 36 other states limiting offenders from voting until either they are released or they have completed parole.

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