Top 5 corrections videos of 2014

Videos from this year include a CO tribute, an inmate attack, and a musical parody

This year saw a wide range of videos, from inmate attacks to song parodies to courtroom confrontations. Here are the top five corrections videos of 2014, as selected by our readers.

If you think another video should be included, be sure to throw it in the comments!  

Inmates parody ‘Call Me Maybe’
COs at the LA County Prison decided to have some fun with the inmates and do a Carly Rae Jepsen cover.


Inmate punches, slams CO to the ground
CO was attempting to move inmate for being disruptive, ended up having to pepper spray him when he refused


Inmate goes off on judge after sentencing
Henry Williams was sentenced to 23 years behind bars for being involved in the armed robbery of an attorney  

Judge tells inmate: ‘I hope you die in prison’
A Michigan judge didn't hold back his feelings towards a defiant convicted killer in his courtroom  

CO Tribute: Lives on the Line
Check out this touching tribute to COs worldwide.


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