Inmate at center of Baltimore jail scandal gets 12 years

Tavon White testified as part of a plea deal for a reduced sentence

Associated Press

BALTIMORE — The gang member who prosecutors say dealt drugs, impregnated four guards and oversaw a drug-smuggling operation while incarcerated at a Baltimore jail has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Prosecutors say Tavon White used contraband cellphones while in the Baltimore City Detention Center to direct gang activity on the streets.

White recently testified against five corrections officers, a kitchen worker and two inmates who authorities say helped White run the operation. Last week, five of them were found guilty in the scheme and three were acquitted after a two-month trial.

White testified as part of a plea deal for a reduced sentence. The 37-year-old has pleaded guilty to participating in the racketeering conspiracy.

White was sentenced Monday in federal court in Baltimore.

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