Texas jail adopts biometrics into data-sharing system

The new system arrives after the sheriff's department were threatening to stop using the system

By C1 Staff

CAMERON COUNTY, Texas — The Cameron County Jail will be adding biometrics to their data-sharing system, through Odessey.

According to the Brownsville Herald, the system will allow the jail to scan and store fingerprint information. They will also be able to accept electronic signatures instead of using pen and paper.

The addition and maintenance of the new system will cost $359,671.

Before approval on the contract was made, Sheriff Omar Lucio threatened to stop using the integrated data-sharing system. Another official said adoption of the new technology was not related to that issue.

A special meeting was held June 2 to stop the Sheriff’s Office from transitioning back to handwritten reports, which would have also affected the way other county departments interact with the program.

Though Lucio has agreed to continue using the system, he would not detail what complaints he or his staff had with the program.

One potential issue was the population of a monthly report and a fix is on the way.

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