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Puerto Rico prison CO dies after inmate attack

Correctional Officer Pedro Joel Rodríguez Mateo was attacked by an inmate while supervising the visiting room



By Corrections1 Staff

PUERTO RICO — A Las Cucharas correctional officer has died after being attacked by an inmate.

Telemundo PR reported that Correction Officer Pedro Joel Rodríguez Mateo was attacked by an inmate while he was supervising the visiting room at the prison.

Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Secretary Erik Rolón Suárez posthumously promoted Rodríguez Mateo to sergeant and permanently banned the inmate who attacked him from receiving family visits in the future.

“Today we don’t lose an officer, today we lose a friend and an excellent public servant, my deepest condolences to his wife, family and friends,” Rolón Suárez said.

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