Poem: Through the Gate

A new correctional officer writes about the sense of welcoming felt from fellow COs

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"I wrote this poem as a new officer to show the understanding of togetherness and sense of welcoming I felt from my fellow officers, as well as to show those who may not understand how correctional officers often feel," writes Ofc. R. Littlefield. "Many may not fully understand the things we deal with, and those who do, know that we are all in it together, which is a great feeling. I wanted to emphasize the fact that we are never alone and share my thoughts on the corrections community." 

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Through the Gate

Through the gate we go, five days a week

Away from our home and off the street 

To the place composed of metal, steel and stone

With the ones who never let us walk alone 


Through the gate, each day, always put to the test

Many leave with burdens weighing on their chest 

With fate unknown and much unforeseen 

Senses must be heightened and always keen


Through the gate, hours on end, day by day 

Receiving the ones our brothers and sisters in blue send our way

All those who stand behind the thin silver line

Are also ones I can call family of mine 


Through the gate, each shift, passes many in gray 

Those who I think of each night when I pray 

The same people, who in any mix 

Will hold to the saying, “I got your six”

Though we never walk alone

On the street there are some who are always prone 

To disagree with, and even may hate 

The ones who stand together, through the gate 

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