Tier Talk: The best ways for COs to alleviate stress

It is time that to look into the root of correctional stress and discuss what can be done from the bottom up

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Is corrections a stressful environment?  Is there anything that can be done to alleviate that stress?  

It is time that we look into the root of correctional stress and discuss what can be done from the bottom up.

Today on Tier Talk host Anthony Gangi sits down with Gary Cornelius and discusses the issues that can cause stress and the best ways to alleviate them. 

Lt. Gary F. Cornelius retired in 2005 from the Fairfax County (VA) Office of the Sheriff, after serving over 27 years in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.  His prior service in law enforcement included service in the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division.   His jail career included assignments in confinement, work release, programs and classification.

He has been an adjunct faculty member of the Criminology, Law and Society Department at George Mason University since 1986, where he has taught four corrections courses: punishment and corrections, community corrections, jails and preparation for internship.  He also teaches corrections in service sessions throughout Virginia, and has performed training and consulting for the American Correctional Association, the American Jail Association and the National Institute of Justice.  

His latest book, The Correctional Officer: A Practical Guide: Second Edition was published in June 2010. He has authored several other books in corrections, including The Art of the Con: Avoiding Offender Manipulation, and The American Jail: Cornerstone of Modern Corrections. He has several more correctional books in development.

Gary has received a Distinguished Alumnus Award in Social Science from his alma mater, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and an Instructor Appreciation Award from George Mason University. In January 2011, Gary started a blog “Tales from the Local Jail” on The Corrections Connection followed in January 2012 by his second blog, “Talks About Training” on Corrections1. Gary served on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel (IACTP) representing local adult corrections.

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