Why corrections is not just a stepping stone

The corrections profession is a viable career that is not just a stepping stone to being a police officer

A few years back I was invited to attend a dinner for law enforcement and needless to say, I was excited. This was the first time I felt recognized as a law enforcement professional.

At the time, I had been working in corrections for about eight years and I was constantly ridiculed for not choosing a better profession (police officer). Even my own family was against the choice I made.

I remember inviting a few of my fellow COs to join me and sit at my table. It was a great event. There were police officers who received recognition for their service to the public and I even got recognized for my work with gangs in the community. Overall, it was an evening I would not forget.

Having said that, I have to admit that there was still something that disturbed me as the night progressed. One of my fellow COs, when asked by third parties what he did for a living responded, “I am a CO, but one day I will be a police officer.”

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