How to get fit on a CO's schedule

Time-saving workout tips to get toned and look great

If you want to shape up your  body, but can’t spend an hour a day at the gym, use the time-saving workout tips below to get toned and look great.

1. Ditch the treadmill warm up and do a bodyweight circuit

Instead of spending 10 minutes warming up on a treadmill before a workout, perform a 5-minute bodyweight exercise circuit instead. The bodyweight circuit is more fun and warms up your entire body in half the time. You can shuffle 7 Strength Stack 52 cards for a quick bodyweight circuit or make up one of your own.

2. Stop squatting with a heavy weight

If you’ve ever seen power-lifters training their legs, you have almost certainly seen them performing barbell squats with a large amount of weight on the bar. Barbell squats are effective for large powerful legs, but getting nice toned legs doesn’t require heavy weights. Try Hindu squats instead of heavy barbell squats. Not only do Hindu squats save time by not having to load hundreds of pounds of weight on a bar, they’re safer and easier on your knees and back.

3. Stop performing one rep at a time

So many times I see people in the gym doing the standard 10-rep set. Try mixing it up a little and doing a 5-rep set but perform each rep 1 and a half times. Perform 1 entire rep of an exercise, then before returning to the starting position, go only half way and finish the rep again. You will finish the set quicker and you will activate more muscle fibers, especially if you are not used to doing reps this way.

4. Do “the superman” to build up your back

Many bodybuilders know that a strong back is the key to looking strong. A strong back puts your body in alignment and gives you great posture. The problem with getting a strong back is it usually requires a piece of gym equipment. However, there is an easy bodyweight exercise you can do at home called the superman. To perform this exercise:

  • Start by lying face down with your arms extended over your head;
  • Lift your arms and legs creating an elongated u shape with your body;
  • Your back should be arched and your legs should be several inches off the floor;
  • Hold for 3 seconds and return to the starting position.

All of these time-saving workout tips will make you look great under one condition, you have to actually do them. Getting started is the hardest step, so be sure to schedule time for your workout and have nothing interrupt that time. 

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