Off-duty survival: Are you ready to fight?

By Sgt. Barry Evert
Pelican Bay Supermax, Crescent City, Calif.
Survival of the fittest: Staying ahead of prison gangs

In the past, I have warned Corrections1 readers of the steps they can take to combat gangs on the job premises, now it's time to address off-duty issues.

Imagine yourself a criminal for a minute. For some reason you feel some serious animosity towards correctional officers. The reason for your hard feelings is really irrelevant right now, all you know is that you have grown to hate your captors. So you decide to go back to the prison you stayed at for years, and take out a Correctional Officer.

Now imagine your facility, and the roads to the area. What would you, the criminal, see if you stood on the side of the road?

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