Passed up for promotion? What to do when your best isn't enough

When you miss out on a promotion, realize that it doesn't mean all doors are closed forever

By Dr. Chuck Russo

It started with a phone call. I answered and before I could say “hello” a familiar voice belted out: “You’re not gonna believe this one” and proceeded to tell me about the latest promotion at the agency. We talked for a few minutes, with me shaking my head the entire time. Here’s some background about how it all went down.

When the promotion exam was announced, seemingly all eligible individuals immediately began preparations. Study groups were formed, prep materials ordered, and everyone rehearsed responses in mirrors.

The first component of the process, the written exam, was taken and those who scored high enough to be eligible for the second component continued with their preparations. Strategies were discussed, more practices and rehearsals occurred, and the oral interviews eventually drew to a close.

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