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UK anti-drone squad created to combat contraband

The specialist squad will research methods and types of drones and share data with law enforcement across the country

By C1 Staff

LONDON — In an effort to combat contraband, police and prison officials in England and Wales have created a new team to research drones and smuggling methods.

According to the BBC, the team will be compiled of police and corrections officers who will forensically examine drones to find out who was flying them, as well as share information about the different models and methods used for aerial smuggling with law enforcement across the country.

“The threat posed by drones is clear but our dedicated staff are committed to winning the fight against those who are attempting to thwart progress by wreaking havoc in establishments all over the country,” Prisons Minister Sam Gyimah said.

Last year, the county sentenced Daniel Kelly to 14 months in prison for using a quadcopter to smuggle in contraband to three different prisons, the Verge reported. He was the first ever UK citizen to be jailed for the offense. The government has seen an increase in mobile phones, tobacco and synthetic drugs being smuggled into prisons via UAVs.

Although it is not clear how many officers will make up the team, reports said nearly £3 million ($3.85 million) will be spent to build the squad.