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Officials suspect a larger-scale operation of contraband introduction into multiple Florida correctional institutions using drones
Like any other year, it seems there’s just no limit to how far people will go for drugs, wireless devices, the chance to escape, or all of the above
Prison leaders added that adopting more advanced surveillance technology will not only curtail chronic shortages but also streamline information and communications for both inmates and staff
Each session of the three-week series will cover a different critical aspect of drone detection system deployment
On Sunday, two unrelated groups attempted to fly drones carrying contraband into the prison grounds at the same time, police said
The sheriff’s office found several pounds of marijuana and tobacco, three cellphones and a “USB-C to lightning converter”
Maintaining security and safety is more than installing a product and collecting data
The advisory guidance aims to help non-federal public and private entities better understand federal laws and regulations related to UAS operations
The businesses that equip and serve first responders are supporting the national emergency response with new products, free services and donations
Agents learned of at least seven deliveries by drone of contraband intended for inmates at Fort Dix federal prison
The smuggling of drugs and other contraband into county-run jails has recently been an issue
The bill would ban the use of drones to help stop contraband issues and lower the age eligibility for COs
The House gave first-round approval to legislation that would ground drones near correctional facilities
An inmate’s wife and daughter were caught near the prison’s front gate with a remote control and iPad in the backseat
From inmate mental healthcare to officer recruitment and retention, the corrections profession faced many challenges in 2018