Inmate slashes NY CO with razor hidden inside pen

James Casey attacked the officer when he attempted to put restraint mitts on him inside the courthouse

By C1 Staff

NEW YORK — An inmate slashed a corrections officer in the face while inside a courthouse holding pen.

An officer was attempting to put restraint mitts on James Casey Tuesday when the inmate attacked, the New York Daily News reported. President of the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association Elias Husamudeen said Casey was “basically swinging at everything that moved.”

The officer was taken to the hospital where he receives stitches to his neck. A 1 ½ inch razor piece was found later inside a pen cap. 

Records show Casey has been jailed since April 30, 2016. He faces assault charges for the attack.

This is the second inmate attack in two weeks on a city officer. Last week, inmate Joseph Cannon knocked a Rikers Island officer unconscious with a cell door and broke his jaw, the New York Daily News reported. Cannon previously attacked four other COs. He faces felony charges. 

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