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Hunger Strike

One inmate’s father said the hunger strike was “all about being treated like a human”
The prisoners are protesting food portions, conditions of confinement and discipline at Ely State Prison
Inmates filed a petition seeking reduction of their sentences, citing two years of alleged unconstitutional conditions
An activist group claimed that the inmates were protesting restrictions imposed during Correctional Officers Week
One of their complaints is a call for testing of inmates and staff at the Androscoggin County Jail
It is the third hunger strike in Yuba County Jail in 10 months
An inmate who stabbed a CO and four inmates in separate attacks is on a hunger strike for alleged mistreatment
A hunger strike has ended after officials shut off the water to inmates’ prison cells
Less than a week after an inmate ended a hunger strike, eight more have started a strike of their own
Nearly 1,700 of the 2,065 inmates declined meals over complaints about food quality and other conditions
The strike started Friday, mostly in protest of the quality of food served at breakfast
On Friday, 115 offenders assigned to the facility’s anagram balloon factory refused to work for a full day until prison administrators met with them to hear their complaints
Officials say 14 inmates, who were all involved in the deadly riot at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center that killed a CO, refused meals at breakfast
Activists said ICE detainees and regular inmates cannot receive family visitors, only lawyers and clergy
Chelsea Manning says the hunger strike will continue until she receives the ‘minimum standards of dignity, respect and humanity’