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Immigration Detention Centers

A lawyer expressed City Hall’s interest in using the defunct Metropolitan Correctional Center to house migrants amid severe overcrowding in shelters
Deputies can ID inmates as immigrants who are potentially violating civil immigration law and then hold them until ICE picks them up for detention
The agency said transfers can happen “for a variety of reasons” and “will not be retaliatory”
Migrants within the Torrance County Detention Facility in N.M. describe broken plumbing, insect infestations, insufficient access to medical care and water
The loss of the federal contract to hold the detainees likely will create a $6 million hole in the county budget that will have to be filled, according to officials
The jail has “a long history of serious deficiencies,” ICE said in a news release Friday
In addition to $17.3M for immigrant detainee back pay, the private prison company owes Washington state nearly $6M
“Immigrants held in GEO’s for-profit facilities are not criminals and should not be beholden to enriching the corporation’s bottom line,” said an attorney
The jury will now consider how much back pay is owed — an amount expected to run into the millions
Other states have passed similar measures, including Illinois, Nevada, New York and Washington
Corrections Training
The staff trained in the program and the jail population have halved since the agreement began in 2017
The number of detainees nationwide has more than doubled since the end of February 2021 to nearly 27,000
The move comes after Gov. Greg Abbott ordered that authorities arrest migrants who are in the country illegally and committed a state or federal crime
A trial over whether immigration detainees must get minimum wage — instead of $1 a day — has ended with a hung jury
Jury selection is underway in a trial to determine whether GEO Group must pay minimum wage to detainees at its Wash. state immigration detention center
“We operate an efficient correctional facility, and federal officials continue to add unreasonable and cost prohibitive mandates,” said Sheriff Richard Jones
DHS suggested additional detention facilities could close, noting that it would “review concerns”
Immigration and Customs Enforcement now has 120 days to remove its inmates
The bill would allow GEO to continue operating the jail until its contract with ICE expires in 2025
New guidance has resulted in immigration officials declining to take custody of people who have served sentences for burglary, drug trafficking and other crimes
The order is the first of its kind in the country, according to the organization that initiated the case
The three were not released after discussions between the state prison system and immigration authorities
Felipe Montes was the fourth detainee held at the southwest Georgia immigration detention center to die after testing positive for COVID-19
Bounchan Keola was hurt when a tree fell on him while he was helping fight a deadly wildfire
Many of the women had been deported or released from immigration custody after the allegations first emerged
The deficiencies included medical care, admission and release, staff-detainee communication and phone access
The sheriff’s office said it stands by its response and is awaiting results of a “truly independent investigation”
The Justice Department and lawyers for several of the women agreed that immigration authorities wouldn’t carry out any deportations until mid-January
“I’m just asking for a second chance to live this American life and to be a firefighter,” Bounchan Keola said