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Life Sentences

The court’s opinion cited developmental differences between adults and children and their differing capacities for rehabilitation
“You were a coward then and you remain a coward today,” said Sandy Jackson, Officer Paul Verna’s widow
Antoinette Frank was convicted in the 1995 death of Officer Ronald Williams II during a robbery at a restaurant, where both officers sometimes moonlighted as security guards
“The defendant continues to be obsessed with violence and could not stop his obsession even while incarcerated at the jail,” the judge said
Abu Hamza, a former imam featured on the “Preachers of Hate” series, is serving a life sentence on charges of terrorism and kidnapping
At the time of the 2019 killings, Michael Cummins was close to being arrested for probation violations
Kaczynski conducted a 17-year bombing campaign that killed three people and injured 23 others
Smart’s trial was one of the first high-profile cases about a sexual affair between a school staff member and a student
The federal lawsuit alleges guards knew about the broken heating system and Thomas Lee Rutledge was found with a body temperature of 109 degrees
With less than a month left in office, Gov. Kate Brown used executive clemency powers to change the death sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole
Spared execution, his existence behind bars looms as dreadful and possibly violent due to his lack of social skills
James Lanier, 33, was charged in March with sexually assaulting a girl and subsequently confessed to sexual assaults on a total of four children
Investigators believe day-shift jail staff made an error during the booking process at the downtown jail
Michael Todd Hill was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced in the killing of his 23-year-old girlfriend
During an interview with police, Raul Sotelo told investigators that it was “his intention to kill Officer Mackenzie Malott”