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During a search of a cell at Attica Correctional Facility, an inmate stabbed a corrections officer several times in the forearm
Corrections Officer Clive Lopez Jr. testified he had to fend off inmates during the deadly riot and that he didn’t feel safe initiating a lockdown
One correctional officer was stabbed “numerous times,” officials said, and another suffered “serious injuries to his face”
The Waupun, Green Bay and Stanley prisons have been under lockdown for months as the state grapples with deteriorating buildings and a worker shortage
The rare lockdown in the nation’s largest prison system, which comes during a heat wave, is happening as officials ‘confront the root causes’ of drug contraband and violence
Thomson Federal Prison has been placed on a lockdown since Aug. 1 after an inmate assaulted a staff member
The judge said inmates were exposed to “mental torture” and deprived of adequate mental healthcare
DCCC requested a waiver of rules requiring 14 hours of out-of-cell time at the George R. Vierno Center after seven slashings last weekend in that jail
In March, the prison board placed the jail in a state of emergency due to low staffing levels and two top leaders retiring
Currently, 26 inmates have tested positive; the facility is on lockdown until June 6
In 2018, an inmate attacked and killed CO Joseph Gomm at the Stillwater prison
By providing too many privileges to its max-security inmates, Ohio is both undercutting its reformatory mission and putting the safety of everyone behind the wall at risk
The nationwide lockdown was prompted by fears of potential retaliation and concern violence could spread to other facilities
The latest reports of violent incidents at Clinton Correctional follow a milestone in assaults against correctional officers
The lockdown at more than 120 federal Bureau of Prisons facilities took effect at 12 a.m. Saturday
Officials said the man couldn’t explain why he had the uniform, but he had previously been an inmate at the jail
The first officer was stabbed multiple times and another officer that came to help was hit on the head with a padlock inside a sock
Officials say this is the second fatality at a state prison this week
Several inmate fights left one inmate dead and more than a dozen injured
The Colorado DOC said the CO was attacked by an inmate with a weapon
Toxicology tests confirmed the presence of synthetic cannabinoids in “multiple” employees and that inmate overdoses have been caused by those drugs and other illegal substances
Fentanyl and K2 are on the rise in our prisons and jails
The state Department of Corrections said the prison has resumed much of its normal activities, but the industry program is still under review
20 to 25 inmates were involved with a fight Wednesday in the facility’s yard
Officials said there are too few trained corrections officers on the payroll to ensure security
When a crime occurs in a jail or prison setting, correctional officers face many challenges preserving the scene
The report comes amid complaints from inmates and COs alike about the long hours inmates are spending on lockdown
Last week the FDC announced the lockdown after officials received an unspecified threat of violence
Officers deployed chemical agents and two warning shots, to which the inmates dispersed