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Federal Prison

“We have recruitment and retention incentives across the country. We have direct hire authority. The bottom line [...] we need to pay them more,” the BOP director said
Corrections officers pursued the suspect who fled from FCI Mendota, ultimately apprehending him when he became stuck in a muddy area
FCI Dublin inmates sued the prisons bureau last August alleging the agency had failed to root out sexual abuse
A BOP spokesperson categorized the closure of FCI Dublin as “temporary,” stating that no employees will lose their jobs as a result of the closure
Only “a small group” of women were still being held at FCI Dublin, with the majority of its 605 inmates having been sent to other federal facilities
Staff Misconduct
The BOP stated that the bureau had “taken unprecedented steps and provided a tremendous amount of resources to address culture, recruitment and retention, aging infrastructure — and most critical — employee misconduct”
The judge ordered a special master to provide oversight as FCI Dublin attempts to reform itself from the ongoing rape scandals that started in 2021
The judge gave the order after learning an inmate at the prison appeared to have been placed in a special housing unit and then transferred to another prison, breaching the judge’s orders
The judge also ordered Arthur Lee Cofield Jr. to pay millions in restitution, including $11 million for the money he stole from billionaire movie producer Sidney Kimmel while inside the Georgia DOC’s Special Management Unit
A deputy captain in charge of enforcing policies at FCI Dublin emphasized the prison is now in better shape — recounting increased policy training, as well as twice as many cameras at the facility
SeaTac federal detention center has 53 officers available to oversee 800 inmates
BOP’s regional office announced the 25% retention pay employees have received since early 2022 will be discontinued at the end of the year
One union called the potential action a “slap in the face for the heroes who put their lives on the line every day”
One union called the potential action a “slap in the face for the heroes who put their lives on the line every day”
Federal authorities seek witness, victim reports of physical assault and employee misconduct at West Virginia correctional complex
Emma Coronel Aispuro served a 3-year sentence for money laundering and helping El Chapo’s 2015 tunnel escape from prison in Mexico
There is bi-partisan agreement that the BoP “needs significantly more funding” for staffing and addressing a $2 billion maintenance backlog
Union president for COs jokes that “everything runs off duct tape and band-aids” in the understaffed prison with failing infrastructure
Thomson Federal Prison has been placed on a lockdown since Aug. 1 after an inmate assaulted a staff member
The increase is primarily driven by significant growth in local jail populations, as efforts to reduce incarceration due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been reversed
Both the CO and nurse were charged with violating the man’s civil rights “by showing deliberate indifference to serious medical needs, resulting in his death”
All 123 federal prisons in the United States need an estimated $2 billion worth of maintenance, the report says
There have been 26 federal correctional officers who have died in the line of duty
Prisoner Transport
The HOME Act would apply to non-citizens who fall under certain categories, including people who are sick and dying and some people who received convictions as youth
The Cellphone Jamming Reform Act seeks to allow state and federal prisons to use cellphone jamming systems
Ray Garcia’s term will be followed by 15 years of supervised release and he must also register as a sex offender
The money, intended to hire new federal COs and retain current ones, could “save someone’s life or save them from serious injury”
The new rule would automatically put 75% of money sent or donated to inmates toward victim restitution
Union presses prison officials to make necessary repairs to ensure the N.C. federal prison is a safe working environment