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In an effort to boost staffing, the Pennsylvania DOC reduced the CO’s minimum age requirement to 18
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Increased adoption driven by innovations to locking systems in detention facilities
The defendants failed to maintain proper safety procedures and policies and did not provide the number of necessary corrections officers to maintain order in the cellblock, records state
Body camera footage shows the suspect being escorted by multiple officers who were preparing to search him outside of his cell; the video showed the suspect turning to the right and spitting in the face of one of the COs
One corrections officer said they were threatened by an inmate, later finding a note with a home address for an administrative staff member at their jail
Charges included introduction or attempts to introduce contraband into a correctional facility, unlawfully operating a drone, terroristic acts and felony conspiracy
Eric Nantell, former correctional supervisor at Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex, was convicted of depriving the inmate’s civil rights, tampering with a witness victim or informant and making false statements
Sheriff Michael Moore is advocating for a temporary solution due to his deputies spending up to 15 hours traveling as far as Tennessee to transport juvenile inmates from housing facilities to court
“The National Medal of Honor is just one way to let staff know they are being recognized, they are being seen and that their efforts and sacrifices are appreciated,” One Voice United said
“If we get more staff, then the working conditions would be better. If we got 10 more people, the working conditions would be astronomically better here. Most of the problems we have here come from our lack of staff,” the prison union’s president said
The CO was charged after he tried to pass off his husky as a “drug-sniffing dog” and used it to harass people at his apartment complex, authorities said
When the suspect was questioned, he told the officers that he stole the truck only because he had just gotten out of prison and needed a means of transportation home
Between July 2018, and June 2019, 36,086 individuals were released from state prisons, 41.9% of which went on to reoffend within a three-year period
“Tyler was recently sworn in as an Onslow County detention officer and had aspirations to pursue police work,” the Jones Funeral Home of Jacksonville said
In:SITE leverages Geogentia’s cutting-edge geospatial data technology to generate detailed, easy-to-understand reports; these reports not only reveal the presence of prohibited devices in a facility but also provide insights into common tactics used for contraband smuggling
Board members declared both Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, open for less than a year, and the Barry J. Nidorf Secure Youth Treatment Facility to be “unsuitable” to continue housing youths
Telecommunications company recognized for pioneering solutions, creating meaningful impact to serve and support communities
Craftmaster Hardware enhances security solutions by adding R.R. Brink to its extensive lineup of 170+ brands in door hardware
Addressing misconceptions and safety measures in correctional facilities