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“The National Medal of Honor is just one way to let staff know they are being recognized, they are being seen and that their efforts and sacrifices are appreciated,” One Voice United said
In:SITE leverages Geogentia’s cutting-edge geospatial data technology to generate detailed, easy-to-understand reports; these reports not only reveal the presence of prohibited devices in a facility but also provide insights into common tactics used for contraband smuggling
Emails reveal that Wellpath’s trauma costs in Georgia were over double those in other states where it offers prison healthcare
The judge gave the order after learning an inmate at the prison appeared to have been placed in a special housing unit and then transferred to another prison, breaching the judge’s orders
Louisiana’s special session also included bills that included restricting parole eligibility, harsher penalties for some crimes and publicizing some juvenile court records
Sebron Hollands pleaded guilty to providing false information in a report after his co-worker was accused of punching an inmate at the Northwest Correctional Complex
“I can only hope that the Department of Corrections takes this opportunity to look at their current culture of retaliation and makes the necessary changes to make the agency a welcoming and retaliation-free workplace,” Nathaline Frener said
California’s program of offering naloxone to all departing prisoners “has and does save lives,” an attorney said. “Without this treatment, the number of overdoses, we believe, would be far larger”
Robert Gonzalez said it was not the first time he reprimanded the recruiting COs for taking selfies in uniform with elected officials, which is against department policy
The Florida Department of Corrections said the officers are now under criminal investigation
The court’s opinion cited developmental differences between adults and children and their differing capacities for rehabilitation
Starting in July, a new citizen panel will decide which inmates serving life sentences are released and which stay in prison
The jury voted 11-1 in favor of the death penalty after convicting the 24-year-old man in the death of Mobile Police Officer Sean Tuder
The judge also ordered Charles Ryan to pay $8,500 to cover the Tempe Police Department’s costs in conducting the investigation of the encounter and designated the offense as a felony
The inmate was originally at the Rutherford Correctional Facility but was transferred to the Marion Correctional Institution to be a work release inmate, deputies said
“This is noteworthy because it previously had a 30 percent vacancy rate in September of 2023,” Gov. Jim Justice said
Telecommunications company recognized for pioneering solutions, creating meaningful impact to serve and support communities
Craftmaster Hardware enhances security solutions by adding R.R. Brink to its extensive lineup of 170+ brands in door hardware
Addressing misconceptions and safety measures in correctional facilities