Video: Officer dives head-first down courthouse stairs in attempt to catch fleeing suspect

The officer broke four of his ribs and suffered a minor concussion after leaping over a banister in an attempt to catch the suspect

By Sarah Calams

HIGHLAND COUNTY, Ohio — An officer broke four of his ribs and suffered a minor concussion after diving head-first down a set of courthouse stairs as he tried to apprehend a fleeing suspect. reported that Nicholas Garrison, 33, who was sentenced to jail for meth possession, was being handcuffed by a deputy and bailiff when he managed to break away. The escape from the Highland County Courthouse was caught on video, which shows Garrison running through the courtroom, down a flight of stairs and out a door. The officer went head-first over a banister as he tried to grab Garrison. 

Garrison escaped and went into hiding, but officers received a tip that eventually led them to a motel. Garrison was found at the motel and taken into custody. He now faces additional charges.

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