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Does your agency offer differential pay based on an officer’s educational attainment (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or advanced degree)?

Yes, for all mentioned degrees

15 %

Yes, but only for Bachelor’s and advanced degrees

4 %

Yes, but only for advanced degrees

1 %

No, educational attainment does not affect pay

75 %

Not sure

5 %



By lowering the age requirement to age 18 for COs, the J. Reuben Long Detention Center has under 20 openings; last year, the jail was facing 50 open positions.
It is important that all staff know and follow their agency’s policies on security, inspections, contraband and escapes
Two Delaware Department of Corrections and Parole Officers visited the students to explain training requirements and career opportunities
Lack of staff and training impedes policy adherence in the facility, according to 162-page report by federal monitors