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Prison Reform

From legislation, calls to action, and how prison systems around the world are implementing new policies and procedures, the Prison Reform topic covers everything you need to know about corrections in the modern era.

CDCR prison officials have touted the revitalized degree as a pioneering program that could serve as a national model, created exclusively for incarcerated students
CDCR’s new regulations would give solitary inmates up to 20 hours of outside cell time per week, up from the 10 hours they are currently allowed
Unless prison reformers intentionally and deliberately pursue the improvement of staff working conditions, the desired outcomes of prison reform will remain elusive
A portion of the prison will be turned into a rehabilitation center in the style of Scandinavian correctional facilities
The Florida DOC plans to allocate $1 million to a new program that will make a small number of phone calls free for some inmates
Most prisoners get their college tuition paid for by the federal Pell Grant program, which gives 30,000 more students behind bars some $130M in financial aid
Currently, Mississippi has the highest imprisonment rate; The report states this is a key reason the state also has the nation’s lowest labor force participation rate
While the puppies are at the jail, they will be cared for by incarcerated women ages 18-25 housed in the drug treatment program
The decline in work crew sentences is attributed to the success of criminal justice reforms, department officials said
“I’m one of the first to say we need to hold people accountable to their crimes, but we need to offer programs so that we don’t see them in correctional facilities again,” the sheriff said
Making prisons more “normal and humane” will also create better work environments for correctional officers, the Bureau of Prisons director said
In the program, inmates can take online classes on information technology, problem-solving, personal development, job skills and other areas
Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a law that will require anyone convicted of any of 18 violent offenses to serve 100% of their sentences
Colette Peters wants to change hiring practices to find candidates who want to “change hearts and minds”
The prisons are resuming regular meal service, regular inmate movement, and inmate programs, the ADOC said