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A $1 solution for microphone issues

I’ve come up with a $1.00 solution for those who have had difficulty finding the right place to secure their lapel microphone on their uniform without it falling off during a foot chase or have worried about the risk of a determined suspect using it to strangle you.

First, obtain a keyring 1" in diameter (or correct size for your mic); the color dosn’t matter, since the mic itself will conceal it when it is attached.

Second, place the keyring through the second from the top button hole. Then button the shirt as usual and simply clip your shoulder lapel microphone through the keyring and let it hang. You’re done! The mic will stay there, right where you need it.

It has been tested in the field; I’ve had fights and foot chases with it, and it’s never once fallen off. Your button may come undone, but your mic - since it is clipped on the the keyring that is threaded through the button hole itself - will not fall off. And unless you physically release the clip, it will not budge.