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Wisc. jail visitors upset they can’t see inmates

Cameras are down, meaning visitors can only speak to inmates over a phone

By Ashley Sears
FOX 6 Now

MILWAUKEE — Some cameras are down at the Milwaukee County Jail — making it so jail visitors can only communicate with inmates via the phone. You could blame technology — or if you’re Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, you could place partial blame on Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

At times, it takes a lot to visit a loved one — and it’s even more difficult if they’re locked up inside the Milwaukee County Jail.

“You go down there, you have to pay to park,” a woman who wishes to remain anonymous told FOX6 News. For those that visit inmates at the Milwaukee County Jail — seeing an inmate’s face is now impossible.

“You get down there and you can’t see the person. It’s frustrating for everyone,” the woman said.

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