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CellAntenna Cell Phone Detection Prevents Jail Time Minutes

Low-Cost Cell Phone Detection Solution Gives Local Law Enforcement Agencies the Weapon to Stop Cell Phone Calls in their Prisons

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The need to stop crimes by prisoners is rising and local, budget-strapped law enforcement agencies are looking for low-cost ways to detect contraband cell phones. CellAntenna, experts in jamming and boosting cell phone signals, is introducing affordably priced cell phone detection products with these local government and detention facilities in mind.

As part of its Cell Phone Threat Management portfolio, CellAntenna is providing three legal, simple and cost-effective cell phone detection solutions designed to satisfy the needs of smaller, local facilities.

  • • CJAM DT 200, a lunchbox-sized, battery operated unit for portable or wall mount use.
  • • CJAM DT 1000, a larger portable unit with a range of approximately 40,000 square feet.
  • • CJAM DT, a detector kit that includes a turnkey system with a wall-mounted detector and remote antennas.

“It doesn’t matter if inmates are doing time in San Quentin or the county jail. When they have access to illegal cell phones, there is a very real threat to those inside and outside the prison walls,” said Howard Melamed, president and CEO, CellAntenna Corporation. “We understand that local agencies need to address the same public safety issue of contraband cell phones that larger correctional facilities have, but with a very tight budget. Finally there is a weapon to stop cell phone calls from prisons that can be counted on.”

In addition to detention facilities, other use cases for cellular detection products include universities looking to eliminate cell phone usage in exam areas, public venues that need to enforce cell phone usage policies and companies enforcing cell phone security measures to protect sensitive information.

About CellAntenna Corporation
CellAntenna Corporation offers solutions to either enhance or prohibit cell phone signals. For nearly a decade, the company has increased productivity and safety through the boosting of signal strength and reduction of dropped calls. Products include cellular repeaters, cell phone signal boosters and fixed wireless terminals. CellAntenna’s broad portfolio also includes solutions for cellular detection, jamming and passive handset control. Headquartered in Coral Springs, FL, CellAntenna also has offices in the United Kingdom and Poland.