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Verbal Defense & Influence Updates Program, Hosts Meeting for National Associates

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – With a national team meeting set for Sept. 12-15, the Verbal Defense & Influence group continues to make updates to its professional communications training.

The Verbal Defense & Influence group trains corporations, government agencies and police forces in crisis communications and professional protocol. An estimated one million professionals have been trained to date in this methodology, which is based upon the tactics of Dr. George Thompson.

About a year ago, “Doc” Thompson, who passed away in June, had granted exclusive domestic training rights to the Verbal Defense & Influence group. Since then, under the direction of Gary T. Klugiewicz, the group has created interactive programming, integrated new concepts and expanded its focus and scope.

At this conference, the group will welcome its newest associates, Chief of Police for Raleigh, NC, Harry Dolan, and his son, labor attorney Matt Dolan. During the conference, Dolan will hold a public presentation for Milwaukee leaders to detail the CURE, a Verbal Defense & Influence-driven initiative aimed at eliminating disrespect & indignity, particularly among youth. (Learn more about the CURE at

The conference will also unveil plans for a larger conference in November, to re-certify anyone who has been certified as a Verbal Defense & Influence / Verbal Judo trainer. For details visit