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A good secondary flashlight

Recently, I found a flashlight that is perfect for as a backup light to replace those stingers or other belt lights. The Surefire E1E is approx.3.3 inches long and produces 15 lumens of light. The light runs off of 1 CR123 battery and has a runtime of approx. 1.5 hours. I have been using this light since February and have not had to replace the battery yet. The light has a clip on it and I keep it on the outside of my OC holder. It does leave a small mark, but polish could bring it right back. I have found the this light is extremely dependable and bright. Light is also perfect for the officer who works day shift and might not think of taking their full size duty flashlight out on an alarm call or to clear a building. Check for more details. You’ll never want another flashlight again.