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TerraLUX Announces a the latest LED Upgrade for Mag Instruments and Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlights

Boulder, CO-TerraLUX is pleased to announce an LED upgrade for the Mag Instruments rechargeable flashlight and the Streamlight 20X rechargeable flashlights. The TLE-100 (for the Mag Instruments product) and the TLE-100S (for the Streamlight 20X) are brighter that the standard halogen bulb, producing over 200 Lumens of light output. The products combine sophisticated electronics, the latest and brightest commercially available LED and a robust heat sink/shock-mounted enclosure that assures a long, trouble free life.

Combining sophisticated electronics with the latest LED technology results in numerous advantages:

–Never Burns Out!-No Expensive Bulbs to Break and Replace
–Higher Energy Efficiency – Longer Rechargeable Battery Lifetime
–Longer Runtime Between Charges
–Constant Brightness
–Pure, Bright, White Light

In addition, the solid state electronics in the TLE-100 continue to provide significant light output in a “moon mode” even when the batteries are so discharged they would not light and ordinary bulb. This ensures that even under extreme circumstance the unit will produce at least some useable light output. For more information contact TerraLUX at 1-866-498-1564.

Disclaimer: TerraLUX is not affiliated with Mag Instruments Inc which owns the Maglight trademarks. Reference to Mag Instruments products is made here only to identify the products that TerraLUX intends its upgrade to work. TerraLUX products are neither made by nor endorsed by Mag Instruments.