Tactical Steel Products Offers High Quality Winchester® Brand Handcuffs For Law Enforcement Officers

Winchester® handcuffs meet or exceed all N.I.J. requirements as tested by the Department of Justice and are built with durability in mind.

Each set features stainless steel construction with a hardened, riveted body that is polished and deburred. The push-pin locking system has 19 separate locking positions and comes with two hardened standard keys.

The cuffs are individually serial numbered and come with a lifetime warranty.

Tactical Steel products also offer Winchester leg irons and body chains to complete your prisoner restraint system.

With Winchester handcuffs, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they won?t let you down in a tough situation.

For more information on Winchester handcuffs, please call Tactical Steel Products, LLC at 708-534-0600 or e-mail at For more information on Winchester™ products for law enforcement, visit their website at

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