Thompson Handcuffs Introduces TRI-MAX Handcuffs and Legcuffs

The Tri-Max chain style handcuff, developed by Thompson Handcuffs is unique among handcuffs due to the fact that it is not only exceptionally pick resistant but is stamped from 1050 carbon steel and prior to assembly, the parts are hardened from R885 to RC40.  This makes the Tri-Max range exceptionally strong and still allows maximum flexibility to avoid cracking under stress.

The hardness of the finished product is checked to be fully within specifications before assembly of the parts.  Once the assembly has been completed, a 100% final tune of the required assembly tolerances and the back loading function tests are conducted on the finished production before it is packaged.

Due to the unique dual shackle construction, the strength of the handcuff tremendously increases because the separation between the dual shackle rides thru a rigid “monorail” retaining bar and a double five tooth grip engages the independently floating retaining bars on each side of each shackle.


The “monorail” system is the reason we call the product TRI-MAX.  The internal bar not only strengthens the hold vertically and laterally but inhibits a shim from entering the nose or the rear of the shackle and a defeats a pick if it is engaged through entering the key way of the handcuff. While it may be able to pop the double lock, it cannot go completely through the handcuff to engage the rear retaining bars and depress them.   Tri-Max maintains 1. Nose of shackle 2. Rear of shackle. 3.Key hole integrity. That’s why we call it TRI-MAX Security!

Thompson Handcuffs has accomplished NIJ certification on its models 1010 and 1054.  The same care and effort in the construction of the model 1008 Tri-Max is being made, with the addition of the above strength features.  As of this writing, the model 1008 has been submitted to NIJ or testing under its new and revised testing procedure and we are confident that it will equal and probably surpass its requirements.

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