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Pa. prison to get body scanners

The system will allow non-contact inspections for inmates

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By Corrections1 Staff

CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. — Pennsylvania commissioners unanimously approved the purchase of a body scanner for one of their prisons.

According to local news station WTAJ, the body inspection system will be able to detect everything inmates carry into the prison including weapons and drugs.

The system allows for non-contact inspections for inmates and helping to keep everyone safer, the commissioners say.

“This will improve the safety and security for the incarcerated individuals, our staff, visitors, all around, and so this is a prudent use of some of the funds we have set aside for security,” said Michael Pipe, from the Centre County Commissioners.

The scanner will be put to use after it’s certified by the department of environmental protection.

The revised policy includes step-down procedures to ensure there is mitigated risk over a longer period of time before inmates are returned to general population
“The study on RICMS’ impact proves that community-based services improve public safety,” said Venessa Martin, director of reentry at LA County’s JCOD
ODSecurity will be showing their total contraband detection capability including Sotor RS full body scanner, THEIA automatic threat recognition software and Central Database, at International Corrections and Prisons Association, in Antwerp, Belgium, from the 22-27 October 2023