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Leveraging technology to reduce recidivism from intake to re-entry (eBook)

How mobile devices and apps can increase staff efficiency, resident well-being and safety for everyone

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The United States spends over $80 billion annually on public prisons and jails. Recidivism rates among state prisoners (the largest share) average around 66% for rearrests within the first three years post-release and increase to 82% after 10 years post-release.

Leaders and advocates across the political spectrum agree recidivism is a problem that needs to be solved. The fact is that without significant investments in programs and services that address the needs of incarcerated individuals and empower them to return home as law-abiding and thriving members of their communities, the revolving cycle of recidivism will continue.

In this eBook, explore technologies that enable prison and jail staff to do their jobs more efficiently and with more information at their fingertips while also giving incarcerated residents access to opportunities that enhance their well-being, reduce recidivism and prepare them for life beyond bars.

What you’ll read:

  • Why jail efficiency and reducing recidivism go hand in hand.
  • Shifting from a cycle of recidivism to a system of rehabilitation.
  • The triad of correctional liability: PREA, suicides and grievances.

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