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Decon7 Systems to conduct live demonstration of its D7 disinfectant

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Decon7 Systems — the leading standard in disinfection and biosafety for military personnel, first responders, and food manufacturers — today announced that it will conduct a live demonstration of its D7 disinfectant, which has been designated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as effectively inactivating the COVID-19 virus. The live demonstration will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020, at 1 p.m. Mountain Time at 8451 East Anderson Dr., Scottsdale, Ariz. 85255.

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought disinfection to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Public safety and emergency response personnel, in particular, are looking for advanced technologies to assist them in carrying out large-scale disinfecting operations, without placing their personnel in harm’s way. To offer a safe alternative method for achieving large-scale decontamination, Decon7 has teamed up with Howe & Howe to deliver the D7 disinfecting formula via Thermite RS3 — the first robotic firefighting vehicle in the U.S.

Historically, robots like the Thermite RS3 are set up to deploy firefighting foam to put out fires while keeping firefighters out of harm’s way. Howe & Howe has engineered its robot to distribute the D7 product, expanding applications for its technology into new areas such as COVID-19 disinfection, toxic chemical remediation, and biohazard disinfection.

“The combination of the Thermite RS3 technology and our D7 foam product opens the door to new methods of quickly and safely deactivating the COVID-19 virus in public spaces,” said Decon7 Senior Vice President William Joe Hill. “By giving a live demonstration of how this works, we hope to show the significance of this capability to facility maintenance operators and first responders — including firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency services teams — all across the country.”

D7, a proven broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant that is incredibly versatile with a host of vital applications, capitalizes on the power of hydrogen peroxide, penetrating and disarming toxins at a molecular level. Its specialized formula penetrates and eliminates pathogens down to the molecular level, helping ensure the highest efficacy. The D7 formulation is made up of mild ingredients, which give it low toxicity and corrosion properties.

D7 can be applied as a foam via the Thermite RS3 to disinfect and clean large areas as seen in this video. Its application is particularly relevant to communities and facilities across the country that are looking for ways to effectively deactivate COVID-19 in public spaces.

The product demonstration event is free to the public and the media. For additional information, please contact Decon7 at (844) 727-3626 or

About Decon7 Systems
Decon7 Systems was established to commercialize technologically advanced decontamination and disinfection formulas developed by Sandia National Laboratories. Our D7 chemistry is an EPA-registered, proven broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant that by nature is incredibly versatile with a host of vital applications. It is a hydrogen peroxide-based formulation that also contains surfactants (i.e., soap), mild solvents, inorganic salts, and water. D7’s formulation is made up of mild ingredients, which give it low toxicity and corrosion properties.

D7 kills the most common foodborne pathogens, including those found in biofilms, and it neutralizes toxins. For biological materials (e.g., bacteria, viruses, and fungi), the surfactants soften the cell walls of microorganisms, which allows the hydrogen peroxide to penetrate to the interior, ensuring high efficacy. For toxic chemicals, the surfactant ingredients help dissolve the unwanted chemical into the D7 formulation, where it is attacked and neutralized by the hydrogen peroxide. For additional information, visit Decon7—The Science.