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How to buy infection control products (eBook)

Download this Corrections1 infection control products buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation

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Correctional institutions are uniquely susceptible to the rapid spread of illness. The proximity of offenders to one another and correctional staff increases the potential for infectious diseases to take root and spread throughout this close-quarters population.

COVID-19 demonstrated the critical importance of preventing and containing infections in correctional facilities. This includes screening new entrants, staff, and visitors; cleaning and disinfecting the facility; reinforcing good hygiene practices; and addressing symptoms immediately.

Implementing infection control products and devices—from personal protective equipment (PPE) to cleaning solutions and disinfecting technology—along with proper training, protocols, and a regular cleaning routine, can greatly reduce the chances of an infection spreading through your facility.

This Corrections1 How to Buy Infection Control Products guide is a starting point for the purchasing process.

Included in this guide:

  • Key considerations before purchasing infection control products, ensuring you understand your facility’s specific needs and the capabilities of different systems.
  • Top implementation strategies, helping you integrate infection control measures effectively into your operations.
  • Essential questions to ask vendors, enabling you to gather all necessary information for informed purchasing decisions.
  • A directory of infection control product companies, providing a comprehensive list of reputable suppliers.

Download your free copy of the comprehensive “How to Buy Infection Control Products” guide from Corrections1 by filling out the form today.