PowerDMS TM Suite Dubbed CALEA-Endorsed Accreditation Software

Orlando, Fla. – Innovative Data Solutions, Inc. (IDS) has been officially endorsed by The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA®) as an accreditation management software provider. The affinity partnership serves as a stepping stone to, collectively, enable national law-enforcement agencies to achieve accreditation effortlessly.

IDS has been revolutionizing the compliance software industry for the past 10 years. With hundreds of law-enforcement agencies currently utilizing their integrated compliance tools, it’s a natural fit for IDS to join forces with CALEA. Agencies will benefit immensely from the accreditation management tools within PowerDMS™ STANDARDS, which is fully integrated with the equally robust policy-procedure management and training modules of PowerDMS™ Suite. State-of-the-art features allow law -enforcement agencies to demonstrate efficient and sound adherence to CALEA’s standards by managing the entire accreditation process.

“This business relationship promises to provide agencies seeking CALEA Accreditation powerful solutions to support the management of the respective process,” said CALEA Executive Director Sylvester Daughtry, Jr. “IDS and CALEA understand the value-added nature of providing opportunities that allow public-safety organizations to work smarter and more efficiently, and they will certainly be able to apply the tenets of accreditation more effectively with the tools developed through this partnership.”

“The affinity partnership with CALEA is an incredible opportunity, and proves that our nation’s top organizations are continually seeking ways to benefit their membership through the incorporation of innovation,” said Joshua Brown, founder and CEO of IDS. “The culmination of our integrated solutions will serve to foster professional excellence within the national public-safety community.”

This newly formed partnership will be present this July at CALEA’s conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. The organizations will showcase the role PowerDMS™ STANDARDS will play in CALEA’s accreditation process, and its multitude of benefits. The CALEA standards manual will be made available electronically within PowerDMS™ to participating CALEA membership directly following the conference. Complete self-assessing technology, with electronic file-building capabilities and task management, will also be immediately accessible for CALEA members electing to manage their assessments electronically.

“Our comprehensive software coupled with CALEA’s prestigious international accreditation program will certainly raise the standard for all public-safety officials,” added Brown. “We’re thrilled to join CALEA in the quest to enhance and improve law enforcement.”

About Innovative Data Solutions
IDS strives to provide the pinnacle in simple, paperless personnel management and regulatory compliance across a world of industries. Whether you’re looking for a way to handle standards compliance, policy dissemination and archiving, document signatures, employee training, knowledge assessments, or feedback reception and open, professional communication, PowerDMS™ Suite exists to handle each entity separately or as a comprehensive toolbox that will ensure you bear the mark of compliance. To learn more, please visit or call toll free: (800) 749-5104.

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