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Updates to Verbal Defense & Influence Drive the Need for Recertification

Milwaukee, Wis. – A revamped and expanded curriculum is the driving forces behind a major initiative to recertify Verbal Judo / Verbal Defense & Influence instructors.

It launches in November, with the First Annual Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Conference Nov. 11 – 13 in Milwaukee, Wis. All trainers are required to attain recertification by the end of 2012. Law enforcement, corrections, security and corporate professionals around the
country utilize this methodology in their procedural and crisis communications.

“The applications for Verbal Defense & Influence have expanded,” said director Gary T. Klugiewicz. “We dig into how to interact within the agency, and how that translates into the public that they serve. This new focus has brought about changes in sequencing and

“Additionally, we have integrated performance-based instruction techniques into our teaching ,” Klugiewicz said. “People learn by doing.” The intensive training weekend is open to police, sheriff and corrections instructors from around the country who have been previously certified in Verbal Judo / Verbal Defense & Influence.

Participation in this training fulfills the recertification requirement for this methodology. For details visit For a schedule of training dates and locations in 2012, visit

About Vistelar Group:
Vistelar Group, previously Verbal Judo, teaches the gentle art of persuasion that redirects others behavior with words and generates voluntary compliance. The Verbal Judo Institute was founded in 1983 by Dr. George Thompson, Ph.D. to help police officers defuse conflict and redirect behavior with words. Since then almost 1 million individuals have received Doc’s Tactical Communications training and four books have been published on this topic