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San Quentin State Prison

The facility will be renamed the San Quentin Rehabilitation Center and inmates serving sentences will be moved elsewhere in the state’s penitentiary system
The book spotlights Jarvis Masters’ legal battle to overturn his death sentence in the murder of a corrections officer
His five victims included two wives
Inmate Shalom Mendoza walked away from San Quentin State Prison and is believed to have carjacked a vehicle overnight
The doctor says he was retaliated against after he warned that conditions at San Quentin State Prison would endanger inmates
Inmate Jonathan Fajardo was fatally stabbed by a fellow inmate at San Quentin State Prison on Friday
One condemned inmate killed another Friday, the first slaying of a death row inmate in California in more than 20 years, officials said
The cause of death is pending an autopsy
Five of the inmates are being treated at hospitals outside the prison after tests confirmed the men had contracted the rare but severe type of bacterial pneumonia
About 45 San Quentin State Prison inmates are under observation for respiratory illness, although they also have not been diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease
Officials have shut off water and attempt to track down the source of the bacteria that causes the disease