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Serial Killer

Billy Chemirmir, 50, convicted of killing two women and accused of killing 20 others, was serving a life sentence
Sheriff Eddie Virden said he and his team will continue determined efforts “to bring closure to these cases and provide answers to the families seeking justice”
The remains of Yvonne Pless were confirmed as a victim of Samuel Little, known as the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history
Future seasons of “Monster” will chronicle other monstrous figures who, like Dahmer, have significantly impacted society
The serial killer, already convicted of 11 homicides, took a plea deal for one of the five killings, avoiding prosecution for the other four
Corrections officers, our protectors, need your interest, research and compassion just as much as the infamous predators and anonymous inmates they protect us from
For over a decade, Jeffrey Dahmer killed at least 17 people; beware: the trailer is haunting
Samuel Little had 60 confirmed victims and confessed to dozens more
Officials will decide Joseph James DeAngelo’s permanent prison destination based on his security, medical, psychiatric and program needs
It was such an unexpected moment that it brought gasps from those in the gallery
State corrections officials said they must make their own evaluation about where and how Joseph DeAngelo can be housed
Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. faces a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for 13 rape-related charges and 13 murder counts
As part of a deal to avoid the death penalty, he pleaded guilty Monday to 13 murders and admitted dozens of rapes and crimes too old to be prosecuted
His five victims included two wives
The Netflix docuseries “The Confession Killer” examines how serial killer Henry Lee Lucas earned the title of ‘most prolific killer in America’