Poem: The Felony Abyss

Some days it can be hard to shake the demons from your head

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This poem is by Mike Lee, a correctional lieutenant (ret.) who worked at High Desert State Prison in Susanville, California.

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The Felony Abyss

Unnatural feeling
Something seems amiss
A steel door slams
I'm in the felony abyss

I dive these depths
To earn my spoils
Sentence myself
To a life in turmoil

A penance I pay
For a young life squandered
What could I have changed
I’ve often pondered

Hatred and anger
Misery and pain
Violence and danger
All decency drains

A sub-culture
Beyond all compare
Your sanity at risk
Enter if you dare

I walk this line
Protect a public ungrateful
No thanks do I get
Their writings ever hateful

The day ends,
I exit the door
A  piece of myself
Left on the floor

At night when I'm home
I lie in my bed
Try to shake the demons
Loose from my head

I'll return tomorrow
Though I know not why
'Tis my solemn wish
To bid the abyss goodbye

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