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Training Scenarios

These training scenarios are intended to draw the reader into the discussion and create a repository of differing viewpoints on a single subject. These scenarios are intended for training purposes only. Though the scenarios are drawn from real-world incidents, no one scenario talks about a specific person or place. If you have questions or ideas for a training scenario, email

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Corrections Training
A recent training scenario elicited so many responses we decided to give them their own article
Corrections Training
In this training scenario, two rookie officers have very different approaches to effectively running a housing unit. Which one is right?
In this scenario, an inmate who needs to be strip searched is incapacitated enough that he cannot remove his own clothes
Dr. Klein is in a bit of a dilemma. Should he report what inmate White said to custody (violate confidentiality) and should custody charge inmate White with a threat?
Would you give this offender a meal in attempts to negotiate him off the railing?
Corrections Training
Should an officer be punished for doing what comes naturally when seeing someone in peril of death?
Corrections Training
Is the answer a flat-out “no” or does it depend on the situation?