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Ind. jail deputies find scissors inside arrested man during body scan

During a second scan, the assistant jail commander noticed the object in the arrestee had moved


The scissors were removed from the arrestee without incident, the sheriff’s office said.

La Porte County Sheriff’s Office

By Sarah Roebuck

LA PORTE, Ind. — La Porte County Sheriff’s Office officials found a pair of scissors inside of a man who was in the process of intake at the jail, and yes, you read that correctly.

The sheriff’s office said assistant jail commander of operations Lt. Jeff Holt was helping jail deputies and while completing the process of the intake, the arrestee initially refused to participate in a body scan. The sheriff’s office said a body scan is a requirement for all arrestees to complete prior to acceptance as an inmate at La Porte County Jail.

The man reluctantly agreed to participate in a scan. While reviewing the scanned image, the sheriff’s office said Holt observed what appeared to be a foreign object inside the anal cavity of the arrestee. Holt could tell the item was consistent with that of a metal object.

The arrestee was then taken from the scanner room to a nearby area for an additional search. The man continued to resist, but, eventually, the man went through a second body scan. After reviewing the newly scanned images, Holt noticed the foreign object had moved. Holt was able to positively identify the object as scissors. The scissors were removed from the arrestee without incident, the sheriff’s office said.

“The body scanner is an incredible state-of-the-art tool used to ensure the safety and security of all within the La Porte County Jail. Lieutenant Holt is commended for relying upon his training and experience, and successfully preventing a dangerous edged object from making its way fully into the jail,” Captain Derek J. Allen said in a Facebook post.