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Inmate Visitation

Corrections officials are canceling visits to 23 facilities that “fall directly in the path of totality and will experience total darkness ranging from approximately one and a half minutes to approximately three and a half minutes”
Company strengthens its presence in Indiana with the 11th facility partnership
The Visitor Center library, which is designed for children visiting their fathers, is a joint venture between LA County Sheriff’s Department and several non-profits
The former multi-millionaire attorney, who is serving two life sentences for murder, had his phone and canteen privileges suspended for 30 days
New correctional technology gives facilities and residents the tools to prepare for successful re-entry while promoting facility and community safety
Many probation and supervision agencies rely on aging technology systems that are difficult for officers to use and don’t provide adequate data for decision-making and measurement of outcomes
The shift to video arraignments foretells how things might be done differently in the future
The equipment allows 360-degree views of an imaginary world in two or three dimensions for shared adventures between kids and incarcerated parents
CDCR did not say how many people were affected, but said there is no indication that the data — which could include Social Security numbers, driver’s license information and other information — had been misused
An email from FDC’s assistant deputy secretary of institutions alerted employees that the messages are “a potential threat to security”
The change is being made to try to head off a trend of people soaking letters in drugs to smuggle them past authorities
Using mobile technology to access resources can help reduce the burden of incarceration on individuals, families, and facilities alike
From a kiosk, tablet or handheld device, incarcerated residents can maintain critical family ties, access medical care and education and keep track of court dates while increasing public safety staff efficiency
“We are doing everything we can to proactively prevent inmate and employee exposure to the virus,” Sheriff Anthony Dennis said
The total vacancies have now doubled since the beginning of the summer, the state secretary of corrections says
Starting this month, phone calls are now about 5 cents per minute, down from 14 cents
Four more are poised to open for in-person visitation soon
Officials will announce dates as plans are finalized
Of 28 locations,10 facilities already are open, and another 11 are set to restart in-person visits
“This temporary modification will help protect the health and safety of staff and detainees,” the sheriff’s office said
The visitation plan instructed wardens to “immediately begin developing local procedures to reinstate social visiting”
As of July 2018, over 600 correctional facilities had implemented some form of video visitation
The prison system has saved nearly $6,000 from January to March since using video-conferencing for inmate hearings
Using the system, people also can video chat with their incarcerated family members from home
NY federal inmates awaiting trial have been denied visits with families and lawyers due to staffing shortages worsened by the shutdown
Officials hope the move will resolve a yearlong mystery in which more than 200 women have complained about itchy rashes from an unknown cause
With adequate funds for staffing and security, there are few attacks on correctional officers and little to zero use of solitary confinement in German prisons
Assaults on correctional officers, inmate mental healthcare and the impact of new technologies dominated the headlines this year
In the less than four months the service has been operational, inmates have had more than 13,000 visits -- four times the number of in-person visits in the last year