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The grant, which is half of the project, will fund emergency call boxes, improve security cameras and add new fencing mesh
The bi-partisan legislation, now on its way to President Biden to sign, forces BOP to fix and replace surveillance cameras
Identify the signs of dogfighting to assist law enforcement operations
Lawsuit by family members of man who died in custody alleges guards at Monroe’s Richwood Correctional Center beat and pepper-sprayed handcuffed prisoners in area without security cameras
“Blind spots, lost footage, and technical failures are unacceptable in federal prisons,” said Sen. Jon Ossoff
A group of hackers breached 330 surveillance cameras, giving them access to live footage and audio of inmates
Upgrade has nothing to do with the recent ACLU report that criticized jail conditions throughout Montana
Blind spots have been a headache for staff, allowing for fights or drug use to go undetected
Hazy surveillance images became an issue this week in the sentencing of Zachary Butler in the death of fellow inmate David Piersol following an assault in April
Panoramic views of dark or tight spaces can be viewed instantly by a synced device
Stephenson County Sheriff’s Department is outfitting county jail officers with body cameras
The product will be unveiled at IACP 2014
Will purchase eight additional security cameras and related equipment totaling approximately $8,500
Camera can detach from pole and attach to chest harness or vest clamp
Plans for boosting security at four prisons in Michigan were already in place before inmate Michael David Elliot busted out